even thinking it is a fan favorite headcanon that Mother Nature is represented and expressed with butterflies because Pitch dreams of them, I personally can’t identify her with them, I identify MN with dragonflies, because they express growing, maturing and realizing what is real in life while letting go of the past

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xsuddenly lots of feels about MN xbuttlerflies are cute but they represend Pitch's dreams of becoming something better in theory xemily jane pitchiner xdragonflies also is one of the animal motif of my Pitch Gold

the very few times I can find a fic about only desert bluffs and Kevin that call my attention, it either start SO GOOD and either slowly start turning into a very mehhh type of thing or continue good and get abandoned in the better parts

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xamazing first chapter like OH MAN xthen suddenly kevin is like real femenine and feeling very alone out of the blue xerghhh
ksclaw said:
Have a random, silly image: Sandy with a mini!PItch (because I remembered a drabble you requested from someone, where Sandy is teeny and I thought it needed a reversal o3o)



aw man the though of it is super cute! tho I not sure if tiny pitch is normal pitch in toy size or like my small sandy au idea, anyways, is super cute ahhhhhh!!

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xblacksand xsanderson mansnoozie xPitch Black xksclaw

from the request stuff!

top two for who asked for the Bill Cipher’s suit or the Dayman suit (okey that one I did it mostly for Bowling because she made me like it)

Red dress for my pal inmytimewe

fourth one is for

the last one in vantablack (how you color the void???) for emeraldembers

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xsmiling god xorangeskye2772 xthewheelsonthebusgofuckyourself xinteresting but also a bit weird in som aspects xdesert bluffs xwtnv
Anonymous said:
Love your art! By the way, here's a song for your blacksand/quicksand feels. I'm Your Moon by JoCo (Jonathan Coulton).


(but hey dude, thanks so much and the song is indeed great on it punch-feels type of way)

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ah my ship, I feel like haven&#8217;t draw them in ages, I not letting you guys go again!!

ah my ship, I feel like haven’t draw them in ages, I not letting you guys go again!!

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xblacksand xPitch Black xsanderson mansnoozie xhello again my love! xalso xI like how my style has been developing

i miss blacksand

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hey folks! I searching some inspiration for new attires for my Smiling God, so you can send me some clothes and attires ideas to draw him into, I not promising drawing him in them all tho, I saying this already guys!


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xsmiling god xdesert bluffs xwtnv xthe -marcus vaston style- dont fit him xis his fault for steam off his suit
Anonymous said:
eyyyy i just want to let you know that your strexcorp mix is literally my favorite playlist on 8tracks <3

omgosh man!!<3<3<3<3<3

thank you so much! I’m very happy of that

right now I making another mix, this time is for Desert Bluffs, I hope you enjoy it when I post it!

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Anonymous said:
OMG I'm sorry but when you post a question it comes up on my dash as "Do you have an answer for thismightneed" and I had to take a minute to truly appreciate your url :P

i will always be surprises as why this url wasn’t in use before

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