agh the colors kinda mess up somehow but I guess is still okey

sleepless au!!! becuase is too much relevant for me right now


agh the colors kinda mess up somehow but I guess is still okey

sleepless au!!! becuase is too much relevant for me right now

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xsleepless au xblacksand xPitch Black xsanderson mansnoozie xi am very proud of that pie xeven if everything look this horrible neon xhere on this computer xurhmmmm

TONS OF WIPS here of blacksand (and some other stuff)

and now I making this little comic of serial killers Sandy and Pitch

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xis not bloodred blacksand but HECK xi will always be know as that person that made like all version possible xi am okey with that tho xbut i shouldn't make so many wips really
this looked way better in my laptod sorryyyy
this is for gretchensinister since yesterday was her birthday!

this looked way better in my laptod sorryyyy

this is for gretchensinister since yesterday was her birthday!

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xloki xphil coulson xhave draw this ship twice xtahst more than some of my hsips i never did

I subconciently keep forgetting Angela now is in Marvel, being Thor’s sister and member of guardians of the galaxy

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xi half cringe at it averytime i realize it again kinda by default xi love her but the whole concept keep baing goddang weird when I saw she keep her angel status even tho she is half god or soemthing liek th xerghhhh
I may regret some stuff I have draw but this is not one of them

I may regret some stuff I have draw but this is not one of them

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xblacksand xsanderson mansnoozie xPitch Black xsomewhere in australia xbunny is getting freaked out by this sign and thinking sandy is fucking with him xalso i don't have any idea how big a kiwi is compared to a black swan so i just assumed xor maybe at some zoo sandy and kosmo are looking and this while the quintuplets giggle

one of the worse thing I do whenever I get into anything is that I go search for nice art about it and then BAM I start to follow like 10 new artists when I notice it

like, I has been checking stuff at FNaF tag and I don’t even remember how many of these artists I already started to follow just becuase they could draw heck scary fanarts of those guys but like, I not even that much into they styles! then later I get used to it and I let them be becuase good art is GOOD ART even if you don’t even know what that thing they make fanarts is about or their very particular interests

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xyou may think is funny xbut there the things I have seen xTHE THINGS I HAVE SEARCHED AFTER SEEING THOSE THINGS xthen again I being over dramatic xI follow lot of weird ship for my own interests really


anafieldelaunay turned twenty recently, and asked

!!! could I get some dinner date blacksand :DD (feel free to apply this prompt rather liberally)

The turning of the year (well, marypsue writing about the turning of the year and making me wish for it, it’s still 100 degrees during the day here) and thismightyneed's Harvesting AU, combined with more than a touch of whentheoceanmetsky's Fearspinner and Dreameater AU led to this.

The One-All-Light and the One-All-Dark meet when the One-All-Light completes his harvest.


            The One-All-Light drove his heavily laden wain slowly to the meeting place, pausing every so often at shacks or cabins far from other human dwellings to complete his harvest.

            By the time he reached the crossroads under a live oak dripping heavy with moss, the full moon was already high in the sky, and the One-All-Dark was already standing at the edge of the tree’s shadow. He stood still and silent, the dust of the road not daring to cling to the hem of the long black coat, his hands hidden in his long black sleeves, his face hidden under the wide brim of his flat black hat.

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be still my heart for I am not strong AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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xterrible spooky harvesting spirits go on a picnic and sweet love making xblacksand xharvesting au xthey are so beautifulllllllll *sobs horrible*

bowlingforgerbils said: this bugs me too! This turning every character into generically attractive. (Although sometimes I suspect it is due to the artist’s abilities to only draw generically attractive people).

but then, wouldn’t it be better to take that as an opportunity of learning to draw all those physical trails they never have find appealing until metting that wonderful character they now have a bond with and appreciate both by how they look and act??

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xthey have a big belly EMBRACE THAT BELLY xthey are mutated and have non regular deformited GO WITH IT xthey have a really fucked up visual aspect that there is no way to pretend is other stuff xis likely a good way to improve in drawing some way or another xseriusly the better outcome learning to draw stuff you never did before xthe worse is making small cute looking mosnters that still can be pretty cool

when that very rare ship with unconventional looking characters you like start getting popular


when is because people is drawing those unconventional looking characters like generic handsome/pretty ones who you wouldn’t even realize who they are if weren’t for the clothes or hair


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xshipping problems xnot talking about blacksand here btw xis another ship here xbut still dude xwhy even shipping taht if is not gonna be even slightly similar
azaraampora said:
Did you ever make that campora blog?

sorry dude, I was being let down by homestuck a lot in those moments and then I enter into blacksand and my heart decided to never let go those dumbass ever more, so I just pretty much never saw back since then, so that blog never made it to the realness

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xbut being fair here xright now me wouldn't really be happy with that xI ship now eridan with ALL DA LADIES xonly male ship is with sollux xand when you think about it i actually think i would be okey shipping all amporas with all they respective ladies