What what what! This is pure gold
That anon knew what they were doing and I need more of this AU jfc

Okay, so have you ever read any of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files? Because if you have, you know just how awesome necromancy X paleontology can be. 

(“They say he stole the only known specimen of an Andrewsarchus skull.”

"Did he? Why? To sell it?"

"First, yes, third, no, second…he had some ideas about how to find out what it looked like when it was alive."

"But Sandy, what did he think he could do that others couldn’t?"

Sandy just smiles at Jack. “Not think, kid. Knew.” He laughs. “But you wouldn’t believe me if I told you now. If we’re lucky, you’ll never see anything that’ll make you believe what I could tell you.”

A roar sounds in the distance. Faint, but not faint enough.

"But I’ve never been that lucky," Sandy says.)

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I have like 20 unfinished drawings but im still like image

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1. Popcorn! Sweet, salty, or to be avoided at all costs?
SALTY (there are these ones that are sell on a local big shop of here, which are the whole best in the city! they put a particular red thingy on it that is not chilly or anything similar but are wonderfullllll)

2. Would you rather have something stuck under your fingernail or stuck between your teeth?

3. Do you know how to play chess?
Do I? yes. I’m good at it? NOPE

4. What was your favourite book as a kid?
I not really sure, I remember we had some disney storybooks of cinderella and snow white, but I remember a lot losing times looking at this crafts and drawing tips book collection

5. If you could wake up fluent in a second language (or third, or fourth, whichever you’d be on!), what would you like it to be?
maybe japanese?? not sure but it would be pretty helpfull

6. If someone asked you to sing a song on the spot or they’ll shoot you, what song would you sing (you don’t have to sing it well, just sing)?
the latest one I can recall is Stars from Les Mis

7. Tell me about your favourite teacher (can be a role model variety of teacher if your school teachers are/were all neutral/awful)!
the was this teacher I had at high school who give us our very first class of algebra and he was the most precious teacher I have ever met until this day

8. What first lured you onto Tumblr?
many artist I really like were moving to here from dA so, it seems liek the thing to do

9. What is your favourite number?
11 for no real reason really

10. Do you bruise like a peach?
I not even sure what that means (I bruise very hardly? I bruise too much???) I get bruised as like any other person I guess, many times I don’t remember how I get like 80% of them

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xtoo early and too tired to leaving this to soemone
pinkeyesandcherrypie said:
Not sure if you're doing more asks but-- How does Ferdinand, sandmann and gold do as a family? Vacations? Traditions? Any sort of bonding times between the two daddies and son?

I think they do amazing as family, is just mostly Ferdinand overreacting most times having in mind his current age, but he love his family and even the always there company of the guardians, he is just still too young and uncomfortable, what a cutie dork

I don’t think that spirits with the jobs of daily dreams making and fear inducing would really have vacations, I guess when they have free time, is mostly relaxing and being together

I imagine that teaching Ferdinand about all the things of spirit world and the dream making is a really great way of bonding since is quite a limitless subject on both things, also Ferdinand ocassionally discovering particular modern stuff he take interest into and subtlely trying to involve his parents into without saying a word is a great thing too (then again, is Jack the one that also introduce Ferdinand to many things of the new age)

as for traditions, going to the venice carnival and the apokreas, they also enjoy walking around humans on new year celebrations!


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xsandmann xPitch Gold xand ferdinand xblacksand xlook at that dorky family xthey are precious ones and I can't deal with it just liek nothing xstop being worried and enjoy the party ferdinand GOSH!
leann202 said:
Do either of them play an instrument of sorts?

Gold is big master on playing basically everything, I mean, you are inmortal and goes around the world all the time? HOW AREN’T YOU GONNA HAVE TIME FOR IT!?

Sandmann just don’t have the patient for it, why learn when he can conjure one that play itself??? the true is becuase is terrible uncomfortable due his tiny size

Ferdinand know how to play some string instruments, but he is way better at wind instruments like the trumpet and saxophone

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xand ferdinand xsorry i didnt draw anything for this one xi tried drawing Ferdinand playing a trumpet but it looked pretty crappy at the moment
gretchensinister said:
So, most kids make macaroni art for their parents. What did Ferdinand end up making for Pitch and Sandy when he was a little kid? (Probably not something that can be stuck on a fridge, I bet!)

I like to think that the first creatures Ferdinand creates by his own hand were either lobsters or isopods due his vague memories when he was raised a week by the harpies after being born, after that, it become his “crustaceans phase”


Mr Seasalt was Ferdinand’s first sand creature that lasted for enough time to be granted a name, is still lil Ferdy’s faithful steed until this very day, he love him dearly

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xmr seasalt xand ferdinand xGold and Sandmann opinions were kind of mixed about this whole deal xsandmann was kind of happy it was a deep sea criature xgold was happy it was of the non agressive type xI'm sure that with the appropiate time Jack showed Ferdinand enough pop culture xfor one day surprise his parents with a flying spaghetti monster rampaging free on either of them houses xit was magical and horrible xthere were some injured
Anonymous said:
I really wanna know which other pairings you ship, can you tell me of them?

before starting, I gonna say that I ship a bunch of married couples, so I probably will not write them all directly, but is likely that if they are married and are a pair of happy dorks together, I likely ships them even if I not into that fandom, I love happy married couples! this also goes for grumpy old fellows who acts like old married couples

also, is not in order or anything, I just wrote while thinking of it

blacksand (rotg) (OTP for life, there is not turn back on this one)
Morticia and Homer (becuase also OTP for life)
Merlin x Madam mim (sword in the stone) (funny story here, when I was a child I always though they were married but just didn’t lived together)
Johnny worthington x Rosie levin (monsters university)
Randall bogg x All the other HSS girls that aren’t rosie (monsters university)
Wilt x Duchess (Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends)
Jack Spicer x Omi (Xiaolin Showdown) (ocasionally also indulge myself in clack and jackim) (you can see here perfectly how my brain is an asshole)
captain metropolis x hooded justice (watchmen) (also, night owl and silk spectre OR fem!rorschach)
Pleackley x jumba (Lilo & Stitch) (nani and david too)
sandy x kozmotis x lady pitchiner (GoC) (…WELP)
Impmon x renamon (Digimon Tamers)
Amon x lieutenant (avatar - korra)
king kazma x squirrel kenji (summer wars)
basically all couples on Dragon Ball
all the Ampora x Captor ships on homestuck (also erifef, eriara, and sort of erifefsol)
onceler x lorax (I cringe at the fact this ship didn’t even sailed due selfcest)
mandy x irwin (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)
The Eds and they respective kankers sisters couples (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
mabel x Gideon (gravity falls) (specially reverse pines AU aw heck yeah!)
batman x catwoman (also batman x wonderwoman)
wolverine x lady deathstriker
discord x celestia (mlp)
charles x eric (x-men) (either friends or lovers but I just want them happy with each other since the 90’s cartoon)
megatron x issac sumdac (transformers)
legolas x gimli

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xis likely there is more out there xbut can't right now remember really xI guess always changing/growing ships list??? xyeah pretty much xeventually i will put it on a read more but for now xon day i will draw of this



Promoing at the beach

Ancient Roman prostitutes did something similar, but usually they would have phalluses inscribed in their sandals. So, if you were ever in the mood, you could just look down and follow the dicks.

follow the yellow dick-road

 #seaside#history#…there’s a ridiculous blacksand AU in here somewhere
I may have an AU I still haven’t showed anything about in which this would fit JUST PERFECT




Promoing at the beach

Ancient Roman prostitutes did something similar, but usually they would have phalluses inscribed in their sandals. So, if you were ever in the mood, you could just look down and follow the dicks.

follow the yellow dick-road

 #seaside#history#…there’s a ridiculous blacksand AU in here somewhere

I may have an AU I still haven’t showed anything about in which this would fit JUST PERFECT

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xthe dicks example may or may not end up being into it

plush-anon said: What kind of music do they like best? Worst? To dance to? To do the do to?

Gold pretty much like anything that is totally soulfull sung from classical to modern music like pop or electro, but he also enjoy the sound of nature and silent by itself, Ferdinand does share this whole musical appreciation with him even if he doesn’t admit being that into

Sandmann like music of strings instruments, but once electro started to be a thing, he have has a weird facination for it and for the dance type, they like waltz the most  or medieval music with they according typical dances

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xPitch Gold xsandmann xand ferdinand xhe prefers rock tho xim saying it Queen xhe is a total fan of them xNO ONE MUST EVER KNOW xI just really like imagine all blacksand pairings enjoying waltz
emeraldembers said:
What are Pitch Gold, Sandmann, and Ferdinand's favourite food/drink type treats? Is Sandmann all dark chocolate and black coffee or is he a cream cakes and spun sugar sort of guy? :D

Ferdinand is the only one in the house who prefer dark coffee and bitter savors like lemons or dark chocolates, is not the guy’s fault tho, his parents ruined the sweet flavors for him forever on they multiples display of affections


Gold’s favorite is baklava, Sandmann likes better rock candy or hardcandy too!

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xSandmann's house has an awful lot of echo effect xand he and Gold have lived on ages in which somethings are better done on a soundless room xjust saying! xat least he don't gotta worry for his teeth and cavities xand ferdinand