this is a very basic thingy I wanted to make time ago, I think around that while I was making that musical fanmix, about Pitch and sandy’s bodies changing around the ages

I do imagine pitch had a bunch of clothes changes from mid ages to present times, I just imagien sandy changing in small details the patters of his suit pretty much

I will do a better version of this later on probably

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xblacksand xPitch Black xsanderson mansnoozie xsandy just from partially in move sand forming a body xdecided becoming solid from one day to another xif you can call solid to a fluffy and chubby belly xpitch get angry at sandy for keep using the same suit fro liek 2 thousand years xdo I imagine blob shadow pitch and actojelly snady singing the first songs in my musical fanmix??? xyes xyes i do xthey totally are


getting attached to an unpopular ship with little to no fanfics


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xextremly relative right now

isn’t it great when you find a new ship you realise you are REALLY INTO IT

a ship from a fandom which juice already ran off and nobody really talks about now

and also when is a very rare ship on top of it?!?!!


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  So today my best buddy and i go to see THE BOOK OF LIFE here in mexico , and since we are gonna dress as catrinas for our festivity DIA DE LOS MUERTOS *day of the deads),we decide to use our catrina dreses of last year to go to the movie , childrens and even adults took picture whit us all the kids where saying hi to us and people congratulate us for our catrinas dresses, IT WAS AN AMAZING DAY .

I love the movie .But i hate they leave english songs when we saw it on spanish.

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xhey peopl look at my darling friend!!

bowlingforgerbils replied to your post: other movies I thinking in doing more …

GB Ash would be super awesome. And I can’t help but feel that a GB Carrie would be like a wet dream for every dude who has been friend-zoned.

I just can’t stop thinking that boy!carrie made himself his own pink tuxedo for the prom, like, somehow that’s very cute

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xbowlingforgerbils xhe did and is probably mexican pink tone xironically the equivalent of what would open the story of boy!carrie in place of being that time of the month xit wold be that he pop up a boner in the showers xand then he don't knwo what is that and hell break lose xbecuase the poor guy didn't knew what a boner is

other movies I thinking in doing more GBs are

Evil dead
beetlejuice (thinking this one)

I still thinking about this, it would be funny, also I would like some movies in which I could make some humans versions of creatures but haven’t thinked of it

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xI though about rosemary's baby but then again xif rose mary was a dude there the story wouldn't work
Anonymous said:
take a day off to be safe and email your professors! your blog looks super cute for halloween rn btw : )

i still thinking but i kinda siding for that option, I just wanna see if rain isn’t gonna be a jerk and just start falling as if was the end if the days

also, thanks a lot, you are super sweet anon!!

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xAnonymous xasks and replies

I’m very unsure about if going or not to school since yesterday I was feeling so bad that I was just half concious in middle of the class, so I not sure if it would be good if I go today becuase my parents went out so nobody could go take me back if I get bad again and would be worse if start raining horrible again now

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xright now im feeling better but it was teh same yesterday xgood at morning bad at afternoon and sorta neutral at night xrain is cancelling class everywhere but here xgoddamit!
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you said there you liked FNaF, have you think about drawing a bit of them?

oh well, I do like them indeed but you see, I actually don’t feel that much need of drawing them becuase I already watch some peopel that fill my constant need of horrible/gross/hilarious stuff of those guys!

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xAnonymous xasks and replies xreason of why i sometimes dont draw of some of my fandoms xpeopel draw already what i want to see xor i am being incredible lazy on it

when you remember how much your style is so opposite to what inspire you in ever way possible….!!!

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xall the peopel i follow for fnaf make me remember what i still trying to do every time xONE DAY THO xbut not todya yet